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Divorce Consulting

Is your divorce fairly simple and straightforward? If you are like a lot of the people in the San Francisco Bay Area of California who getting are divorced, you may not necessarily want or need full legal representation. This is a major cost savings.

If you are willing to do some of the document preparation and information gathering and you think you will be able to reach an agreement, you can save money on your divorce by engaging a lawyer to answer questions and review forms.

Unlike a paralegal or legal assistant or even a Nolo Guide to Divorce, a family lawyer has the training and experience to ensure that your divorce is completed promptly.

Many educated people find that a small investment in a few hours of a lawyers time helps prevent costly mistakes and adds peace of mind. While many lawyers offer free consultations, I do not recommend making legal decisions about your divorce based on information obtained in those consults. During a free consult, the lawyer almost certainly has not spent any time reviewing your specific documents or the specific law related to those issues. Beyond that, if you ask five different lawyers to speak off the cuff on five separate questions, you may get five different strategies.

Divorce books also pose similar problems. How To Get Divorced books are written for the widest possible audience. For example, Nolo Essential Guide To Divorce is written for all 50 states and not just California. Additionally, a lawyer's job is blend the codified rules with the practice of law. Each County has specific instructions. For example, in San Francisco, you are required to submit a Notice of Alternative Dispute Resolution form with every Petition for divorce. This form is County specific and a lawyer who practices in your local area will be familiar with those specifics. The government and publishers are often slower to update their resources than the local Bar Association and lawyers who exclusively practice family law will be familiar with the current requirements. 

The better way for an educated independent adult who has a relatively simple and non contentious divorce to save money is to hire a consulting attorney for a limited number of hours. 

This service is fairly modest in cost and generally runs less than $1,000. In addition to reviewing documents for both spouses, many clients find it helpful to retain a consulting attorney to make sure that the deal on the table is fair for their interests. 


(415) 326 - 4148