Ex Parte in San Francisco County

If you are filing an ex - parte request in San Francisco County Family Court you will need to follow this procedure:

1.  Contact the Clerk in 402 requesting a hearing date.  (Ex Parte's are held at 1:30) 

2.  Notice the opposing party prior to 10:00 am the day before the Ex Parte is held with your intent to file the Ex Parte.  Notice can be provided via the following: phone, voicemail, fax. 

3.  File the Ex Parte request: FL 300, FL 303, FL 305 before 1:00 pm the day before the Ex Parte is held.

4. Provide copies of your filed Ex Parte to opposing counsel.

5.  You must physically appear in person at the Court for your ex parte hearing. 

You can contact me at Amanda@gordonfamilylaw.com for more information.